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Neiva Chaves Zelaya or simply “Tia Neiva”, as she is known worldwide, was born on October 30, 1925 in the city of Propriá in the State of Sergipe, Brazil.  

She was an exceptional medium; after all in her condition of Clairvoyant, she had to facility of seeing and hearing on various plains simultaneously without loosing her own consciousness.

Brasília was at the height of its construction when Tia Neiva moved from Goiás to the Free City (Núcleo Bandeirante). 

  Widow with four children (two boys and two girls) and Gertrudes, who took care of the house and children, while Tia Neiva, truck driver, fought hard to sustain her responsibility of Mother and Father, she having studied only up to the third year of primary school.

  After very hard work, she was able to buy another truck, following the way she worked the first she had, she placed it in the service of the company Novacap.

  With a rigid catholic formation, and without any theological preoccupation, Tia Neiva lived only to acquire better conditions to maintain her sons and daughters, when at the beginning of the year 1957, she started to see and hear spirits.

  Prisoner to the catholic concepts that she had, she lived through immense conflicts, getting to the point where she started to think herself insane, seeking a psychiatrist.  In the end, after realizing that the psychiatrist was not going to solve  the difficulties she had with understanding herself, Tia Neiva then started to accept her condition as medium, and gradually began to discern the spirits, plains and dimensions.

  Between the material fight for survival, the home and the children, Tia, little by little, being elucidated about the great doctrinal mission that was reserved for her, her transcendental heritage, and obeying spiritual orientation, she moved from Núcleo Bandeirante to a small site called Serra do Oura, situated eleven kilometers (approximately 7 miles) from Alexânia, between Brasilia and Anápolis, and there began to attend to those  God entrusted to her.

  At this site she founded UESB (União Espiritualista Seta Branca – Spiritual Union of the White Arrow) As soon as she had started to organize, Pai Seta Branca, her spiritual Mentor and Mentor of the task that was opening to her, started preparing her so she could dominate the techniques of transport (astral travel), after all beyond the mission away from the physical body, the clairvoyant needed to undertake a course that would only be possible with control of the mentioned techniques.

  A Mestre, also incarnated and residing in the Monastery of Lhasa in Tibet, was elected to conduct Tia Neiva to the mestrado (master’s degree).  This Mestre was a Yellow Cape Tibetan, who had the same medium facilities as Tia Neiva, and his name was Humarrã.

An so it was, that through Transport (astral travel), the Clairvoyant Neiva Chaves Zelaya went to Tibet to receive her lessons, and when ever her activities impeded her, the Mestre Humarrã traveled to her.  This course of preparation lasted four years and at it end the Clairvoyant was consecrated as Koatay 108.

  From Serra do Ouro Tia Neiva moved to Taguatinga in the year 1964, and from there to the actual Vale do Amanhecer on November 9, 1969, giving a definite start to a mission that attends spiritually to thousands of lives, incarnates and disincarnated, at any time of day and night, without asking anything in return.

  Tia Neiva passed on November 15, 1985, leaving in her place the Trinos Triada, Tuymuchy, Arakén, Sumanã e Ajarã.








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