Salve Deus!
Oh! Jesus, this is a time when I need my Individuality, I am that special knight, who one day was tumbled by the irreducible force of his sad thoughts.
Repented, I crossed seas, lands and space, in search of your understanding and for the mission that you confided to me.  I am that knight, Jesus, who now  knows what he wants.
I want you dear Jesus, with the powers of my celestial father who is in the heavens.
Lives with the same destiny, ties of love, that impuse us to a better world, the new era!
The happiness of the people, through disobsessive cure is what we live for.
I am a special knight, I am a Jaguar, working searching for my transcendental heritage, which strengthens my interior sun making me this descending initiated force, of cure for the
And in your holy name, I will always go
 with  -0-//,  in Christ Jesus. 
 Salve Deus!