Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago   2007


Salve Deus!

The Sun was shining in the west, in the skies two birds flew in immense spirals, always far away one from the other.

I thought: they must be a pair….but, their fulfillment did not consist only in distance, but rather in confidence one with the other.

Calmly, I continued on my journey. Now, driving my car, feeling immense yearning,  confidence that until now I never had.

What did I lack? Wings? Liberty? No I had everything, And I hid the inconvenient tears,

-           No! the tears were upsetting the enigma that was in my soul.

-           I shouted every now and again.

Some time passed.

I knew then, that there was reason for that longing.

The world was unveiled in front of me – the world where reason meets reason.  This was on the First day of May, 1959.  For God, in the meeting of UESB, the Doutrinador was born.

Today, I have to guide this immense Space Ship that is the doctrine of Amanhecer.  I continue to see birds in the sky flying around.  I wonder if they are the same I saw twenty years ago.  But of what importance is it?  For what my clairvoyant eyes tell me.  I could see that the question is not only being together, but like those birds, being in harmony.

Together, on the long road, in the direction to the narrow door, with me is the doutrinador….In harmony!

Twenty-one years have passed.  Legions of spirits have gone to the spirituals realms.  Legions of spirits have worked with me on earth.

The enigma of the world now has a lighthouse that shines:

The World now has the DOUTRINADOR!

Tia Neiva – Vale do Amanhecer, 19th of March 1981.




Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago 2007

What is the APARA?

Salve Deus

Free and Evolved soul! Is the Mestre Apara, who breaks the veil of science and prejudice, who transports the transcendental, searches the soul and describes it with clarity and precision. 

The simpler, the more perfect example of love and extra-sensory.  Scientist, he/she reaches with unexplainable phenomena to the deaf and dumb.  It could also be an anguishing process for those who need proof to believe..  Is truer than we think, after all, the world is his/her panorama.  Where the drama of life and death is unfolded.  Explaining in my clairvoyance, a different light emerges: A Special Phenomena.

Each Apara is a different actor, who plays his part according to his own  standards.  With the help of my clairvoyance, it goes beyond the impossible, what cannot be discovered.  Its mystery and distinction are that it is not a part of the medium’s intelligence, they see everything naturally.  More than that, it is a lot less discovered impossibility, which can never be foreseen by intelligence, even if the keenest microscope were to be use. 

Perfectly constituted until now is the Apara.


Salve Deus my Child Apara, I have gone as far as I possibly could, where my poor analogy could reach, foreseeing other searches for evolution.  A human soul that has not tasted of sects or of schools, only Castro Alves reminds us with the majestic poem “NAVIO NEGREIRO (The Slave Ship” that between a thousand verses say:


It was a Dantesque dream…the deck
With lanterns reddening the glow,
Washing with blood.
Clink of iron…snap of a whip…
Legions of men so black as the night
Hideous dancing…

Black women holding to their breasts
Tiny children, whose black mouths
Are watered by their mother’s blood;
Younger women, nude and frightened,
In the turmoil of spectres dragged
In vain anxiety and sorrow!

And the orchestra laughs, loudly
And from the fantastic round, a serpent
Makes crazy spiral…
If an old man arcs his back, if on the floor he falls,
Screams are heard…a whip snaps.
And flies more and more…

Tight on links of a single chain,
The famished crowd oscillate
And cry and dance, there!
One is delirious with anger, another gets insane
And another one, who is brutalized by tortures
Sings, moans and laughs!

Then it was into this picture of horrible pain, that the figure of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception “APARA” came with compassion and gentleness, and spoke in that era of suffering to those who by God we there, without affection, without hope and without love “APARA, APARA”  was how they called her.  She manifested between them bringing strength.  She breathed on their injuries.

 APARA; today is in the tradition of the example of this love.


Apara, My Child Apara! Do not forget, that at that time, with all that pain,  Our Lady Apara with all her Infinite powers, never taught indignation, much less  vengeance or riches,  but yes humility, tolerance and love….


That is all dear children of my heart, that in the simplicity of your grace, this is the story that remains.  Of your powers and all that is said, this little could I say.


With Affection, your mother in Christ.

Vales do Amanahecer, 23rd January, 1979.




Port of Spain 

 Trinidad and Tobago - 2007


Salve Deus!

In the absolute force of this universe, there are lilies that are poured into each song,  as if coming from God in absolute love.  They blossom and vibrate, feeding the glances, curing your impregnations.  Its aroma is dispersed all around, and the whiteness on the green moss makes it more perfect, more beautiful, perfuming those who try to pick them, leaving the moss behind, as out of it other lilies are born.

Why can’t man be as the lilies; simplifying life, loving and being missed wherever he passes?  Yes, my children, because the difficulties of life, are not brought on by the weather, nor by the loves that are ahead of us, they are not to bother us, but rather to give us tolerance, capacity to  assimilate between good and evil. The lack of consideration in not finding within oneself the way of  knowing with  whom to live, and how to live, ultimately is honest with oneself, so as to clear your way without fussing and making others uncomfortable, creating a rosary of pain out of your family.

This is the Message Aluxa, my children of Amanhecer in Pirapora, that I your Clairvoyant Mother, in Christ Jesus, received, thinking always in the divine light of Christ.

With affection, Tia Neiva

Vale do Amanhecer, DF/ Year-1976

Note:  This letter was written by Tia Neiva in 1967, specifically directed to the Temple in Parapora-MG, with the following title MESSAGE TO ALUXA DO AMANHECER, Pirapora. Having such a beautiful, simple message, with ample significance………we decided to prepare a certain number of copies that can be shared to as many as possible.

Salve Deus